Monday, January 17, 2005

How not to replace a car battery.

the short version: I went back to my parents house to take care of a few things and go to a dentist appointment today. My car has been starting rough, and the weather is predicted to get colder (which is the opposite of warmer - what I'd like to see it do); so this evening it occurs to me that I should probably get it looked at.

the long version:

When worried about your car's battery, it's best to seek a second opinion. That second opinion is best sought during the start or middle of business hours at a reputable competitive car battery place; and should not, say, be done fifteen minutes before closing at, say, Sears. If this is the best (only) option, then it will work; but be prepared to pay more for a car battery then you've ever paid before.

I drive a "foriegn" car. Nevermind that it's 13 years old, was bought used and has over 164,000 miles on it (and will make it over 200,000 if I have my way), it's "special" because it's "from away" and needs the most expensive of all car batteries. The good news is that it has a three year warranty, and with any luck will last the rest of the time I own the car. (for those keeping track Novemeber was "replace the throttle body" month, December was "time for a new exhaust system" and now, January, will hold the "new battery" title. Any guesses for what the rest of the year might bring?) I love my car. I'm going to save the "why I love my car" post for another day, but trust me when I say that I love my car. Her name is Kennedy and I'm glad that tomorrow morning, no matter how cold it is (predicted to be between -4 and 6 degrees F) she will start. (the good news is that the battery charge test showed it was indeed my battery, and that it was dying a quick and almost certain death. The alternator and starter are fine!)

The problem with having a snaaby car "from away?" My radio has a code. Whenever the battery is disconnected the radio beeps and requests a four number "code" before it will play again. If one, says, enters the wrong code, the radio remains locked out for 24 hours, or until the battery is disconnected once again. Seeing as how I had kept the nice people at Sears there past their auto parts closing time, I didn't bother to go beg them to please just disconnect it and reconnect it so I could listen to something other then myself for the hour ride back to my appartment. So I rode in silence, only interupted by the swishing of the windsheild wipers and the downshifting of the tractor trailers in lanes next to me. It was a long ride, but I had part of Howie Day's "Perfect Time of Day" stuck in my head (thank you Sears) so it wasn't as bad as it could have been (like a teeny bopper boy band song?).

I'm hoping that the 24 hour time period expires sometime tomorrow morning and I'll be able to listen to whatever (npr, local radio chit chat or a cd?) on my way to a "health teaching" preceptorship. Tomorrow, with a fellow student, we're going to teach 4th graders that smoking is bad. It should be fun.

After the dentist appointment this morning (all clear! the reason why that's such a big deal will be explained at a future date) and before the battery escapade, I went to a local yarn shop with my mom. They're having their 56th annual yarn sale, and everything is 20% off. I picked up the Cascade quatro I ordered (it's much more beautiful then the picture shows and has purple, green and blue strands) and my first ever Lorna Laces sock yarn. My mom picked up a pattern to use with her "antique" yarn; it's at least 23 years old but there isn't anything wrong with it. I'm excited to see how her vest turns out. I am very excited to get started on my next pair of socks, but feel too inexperienced just yet to use the beautiful purple, blue, aqua, yellow yarn. Another pair or two down and I'll be ready; then there'll be no turning back.

(yarn is pictured along with my finished noro hat (a 2004 but not seamed (poorly and fast because it's cold out) till 2005) and the books my nose will be in the rest of this week. Knitting will commence again tomorrow during lecture....)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristen - found your blog via Knitting Doctor, whom I read regularly for "the light at the end of the tunnel" - I'm an M2, too. Your socks look splendid for a first pair. I think socks are some of the best items to knit in class because they're mostly mindless and incite fun comments. "That's a sock! You make socks? And they're STRIPED?!"

- Alice

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