Saturday, February 26, 2005

I can't make this stuff up, trust me.

A little review of other things I've had fixed on Kennedy - when I first got her (two years ago this summer) the cd player only played on one side of the car. That was a costly and obnoxious fix because it required taking the cd player out, sending it to the nice saab auto people and getting it rewired; they had to rewire my stereo in order for me to listen to the radio because the security features (aside from the damn "code") mean that it won't play when an element (such as a cd player) are removed.

I also replaced a single tire last year because it was wearing funny. The guys at the tire place who looked at it couldn't tell my why only one tire was mis-shapen, but they replaced it and it hasn't worn funny since.

Then there was the "window" fix; I drove through a toll booth and rolled my window down to pay one cold winter day last year, and my window wouldn't roll up. For almost half an hour I drove on the interstate with my driver side window down, pushing the button to get it up again until something worked and it went up. That was a cold, cold, drive, and I became paranoid about rolling my window down. That fix took two trips out to the guy in the woods, and by the time it was all said and done I was able to roll three of my four windows down and up with no problems! (even with a new "switch" the rear passenger window refuses to go down. I'd already been out there twice to get it fixed/looked at, and wasn't about to take it in again.)

So imagine my surprise today when I went to mail a bill at the post office, and my window wouldn't go down. The other two windows that go down and up, still go down and up, but the drivers window is shut up tight. I'm almost amused, and will let it go because I'm not in any shape to get her looked at again any time soon. Perhaps this summer, when I want it to go down and up, I'll look into it.

I love my car, really, I do. But, mark my words, my next saab will have four windows that go down AND up.


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