Thursday, January 13, 2005

Yikes - Stripes!!!

I started the second sock in hopes that it won't take me as long as the second one to finish. I have seen enough pictures of socks to know that a matching hand knit pair of socks is a beautiful thing; and so I unwound the ball of yarn until I found the repeat I was looking for, and then matched up the colors for the cast on and started knitting.

Imagine my surprise when I knit up three stripes and the pattern of my second sock didn't match the pattern of the first sock. I thought about it but was sure I'd found the right repeat and figured it was just that I was a row of brown off. Several stripes later it became evident that I'd found the wrong repeat in the yarn - and thus my socks aren't going to match. (the picture below is from yesterday, I'm a few more stripes into it now and instead of being in a green stripe, am in a blue stripe. Oops.)

My knitting for the second sock is much tighter and even, and so even if the stripes did match, I don't think they'll look much like each other (the overhang above my heel that I was worried about shouldn't be a problem this time around). I'll wear them (so long as the second one fits!) proudly and think that I like sock knitting. Who knew?

(I've been reading enough other sites to know that there are mumblings of this being the year of the sock; I knew nothing about that when I started these, and promise that I'm not knitting them to follow the flock. Instead it's more of a want to demystify the tiny needles and fun self patterning yarn. Now that I'm doing it, it's fun and I think I finally "get" why people knit these and have huge sock yarn stashes...)

The scarf below is being knit with Cascade 220 from HelloYarn. They were great and shipping was fast AND affordable! ($2 an order!) I'm still waiting for the elann yarn to get here, but the discounts for the peruvian wool should make up for the slow (I'm cheap and didn't fork over the extra dollars for priority mail and that might have been a mistake; though I've learned that it doesn't really matter how you send something, there's always a chance it'll take longer then it should to get where it's going. Remind me to tell you that story sometime...) shipping. I'm knitting it in the round and will seam off the ends when it's done. I am MUCH happier with this scarf and hope to have it done within the next week or so.

I've spent my evening reading about and trying to interpert EKG's. They're like reading a code, and eventually, after looking at enough of them, a pattern develops. We've got another two weeks of the heart to go, and I have a lot to learn before the test so my knitting may be spordic.


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